Provide Customer Flexible Payment Options with Blue Snap

Limited payment options reduce the number of customers who can be converted from browsers to purchasing shoppers. The top three most popular credit cards are a small portion of how people can pay for items these days. International online banking, payments from eWallet websites, a multitude of credit cards, and debit cards are used to pay for items. The businesses that do not accept multiple payment sources are the ones that will not survive global competition.

One Platform Instead of Several

Some businesses have several platforms and service providers to manage different aspects of the payment process. There is a payment gateway platform, one to handle the merchant accounts, and analytical platforms for reports. That leaves plenty of room for errors and inconsistencies that can reduce sales and cost the business money and customers. Blue Snap is an all-in-one platform that streamlines and increases payment types, options, and points of sale.

Payments Accepted

Multiple marketplaces, virtual terminals, invoicing, subscriptions, online checkouts, and mobile devices are all possible points of sale for this platform. The flexibility and freedom to accept payments under several different circumstances reduces limitations. A small local business in Maine, for example, decides to have a booth at the annual regional fair in Massachusetts. Payments do not all have to be in cash, which very few people carry in large amounts. Credit and debit card payments can be accepted via a mobile tablet or even a smartphone.

That business is able to increase exposure, attract new customers, and use the experience as a marketing tool on the website, complete with pictures and new customer comments. The result of selling products from one booth at one fair will benefit the business exponentially. That would not necessarily be possible with a different platform.


This platform is compatible with hundreds of business operational platforms. That means it can be added to the business without any changes required in procedures, invoicing creation, or vendor accounts. The platform can be set up quickly with no interruption to other components of the business. It could not be more convenient to start improving conversion rates and revenues while stopping limits on payment options.

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